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Some Useful Tips When You Are Planning To Buff Your Car

For keeping your car clean and efficient, car washing is a must. But because of everyday use and exposure you find scratches and oxidation on the car exteriors. Buffing is the answer to this question. Let us discuss some useful tips for taking care of your car.

Buy only quality products:
When you have decided for a car wash invest something in rotary polish if you have not done it earlier. You can also buff your car with your hands but you won't reach the level your car is asking for. Always buy lint free pads for applying the products and buffing them. Hard products can give you damaging results. You can use simple cotton swabs or a gentle brush for removing the accumulated compound from your car's surface.

Always start with a properly washed car:
When you start buffing your car keep in mind that you start with a washed car. Pay attention towards the wheel opening and the lower sections of your car body. Presence of any kind of dirt will be abrasive under the polisher; hence this is the time to take a sigh of relief.

Always work away from direct sunlight:
The best car wash results always come when you service your car in a cool and shady area. When you are buffing your car it is always required to work in shade. Direct sunlight can damage the surface of your car. So , it is always advised to buffer your car under the shade.

Work in small areas:
When you have decided to perform buffing on your car do not start with the larger area at once. Take small-small areas into consideration and then start buffing. Buffing only a single area at a time is always advised. Do not use more than half of the panel if you want to see the best results. If you handle a larger area at a time then there is a risk that you will miss out some spots and that spots will give a very bad appearance to the car.

Always use the product in lesser quantity:
While you buff your vehicle do not use too much heavy coating of the product. Always apply a limited amount of solution or whatever the product you are using. A small amount of car products is enough for gearing up your vehicles. The best way is apply a small amount of solution over the applicator pad and gently run the pad over the area of your car you are working on. This will help you to distribute the product evenly and will prevent other damages.

Take care of the edges:
Take care of the body edges and creases of the car. Buffing with a hard hand can damage the paint of your car. It is not a literal term but gives a visible excessive wear of the paint.

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